LIFE projects led from Andalusia seek synergies

The Rural Innovation Hub space, located on the El Valenciano farm in Carmona (Seville), has hosted the conference  “United for Life” on Wednesday, a meeting where several projects co-financed by the European LIFE program led by Andalusian entities have gathered to share Your jobs and functions.

Life for Citrus, Life Resilience, Life Agromitiga and Life Live Adapt met in this act with the objective of knowing the work done by each project and studying the different possibilities of collaboration and creation of synergies.

Rosa Gallardo, director of the Higher Technical School of Agronomic and Forestry Engineering of the University of Córdoba, was in charge of opening the day. «These types of meetings allow discussing, analyzing and designing future strategies and are extremely important for shaping innovation ecosystems,» Gallardo said in his speech.

Subsequently, the intervention of the Life for Citrus project, aimed at preventing HLB in citrus fruits through resistant plants, early detection and best agricultural practices, was given way. After this, Life Resilience presented its advances in the prevention of Xylella fastidiosa in high-density farms of both olive and almond trees; Life Agromitiga explained how they develop their climate change mitigation strategies through smart carbon agriculture; and Life Live Adapt commented on how they adapt the models of extensive livestock production in Europe to climate change.

The four projects met in order to create synergies between them and to help each other, thanks to certain aspects that put them in common. Life for Citrus and Life Resilience work to combat diseases that threaten very important crops within Europe; while Life Agromitiga and Life Live Adapt aim to develop techniques that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Finally, Rosa Gallardo closed the event by thanking the partners of each project for their participation and their work in these types of initiatives, which mentioned that «they cannot be addressed individually.»

In addition, taking advantage of this meeting, the partners of Life Resilience project held their internal technical meeting to discuss the new advances achieved, to observe the growth of the olive genotypes that were planted at the El Valenciano farm last December 2018, as well as to comment on the future actions that are going to be implemented for the next years of the project.