LIFE Resilience attends the final conference of the LIFE Agriadapt project

After four years of work, on January 21 the final conference of LIFE Agriadapt took place, a project supported by the European Commission through the LIFE financial instrument in which the Global Nature Foundation in Spain and entities from Germany, Estonia and France participate.

This initiative aims to demonstrate how various measures can increase climate change adaptation of livestock farms, arable crops and permanent crops. Also, try to address the possible environmental benefits of these measures. The entities participating in the project develop actions in close collaboration with farmers and ranchers, administrations, agricultural engineering schools and private entities, in order to develop transferable results.

«Adaptation to climate change has to be local, according to current studies, so the results of the LIFE Agriadapt are the perfect tool to link this risk and local adaptation with the policies that arise in the next CAP,» summarized the director from the Global Nature Foundation, Eduardo de Miguel.

During the final conference, which was attended by the LIFE Resilience team, the measures and conclusions of the project were presented, which are available on its website: