Salov concludes its planned field activities

The Salov group, one of the partners of Life Resilience, has completed all the field activities planned for this period.

Salov has retouched and cut the spontaneous cover crops of the Villa Filippo farm, located on the flat land between Pisa and Lucca, in the area of ​​the Migliarino – San Rossore natural park.

In addition, the planned plots have also been sown with seeds sent by Nutriprado, also a project partner. The soil for this seeding was prepared by deep ripping, plowing, dumping, and milling.
According to the project, the planned treatments have also been distributed using an atomizer. In accordance with the fertilization plans, organic fertilizers have been distributed simultaneously to all the olive groves, and the olive tree pruning is currently being completed.

During the harvest between October 15 and November 30, the physical-chemical analyzes of the oils were carried out. These analyzes, carried out directly by the Salov SpA laboratory, express good product-quality homogeneity.
As for the organoleptic characteristics, there are no substantial differences, the flavor has olfactory notes with light fruity notes of ripe olives, the palate confirms the fruit intensity of the light with notes of fresh grass and thistle, the aftertaste is sweet and almond-shaped, the product it is balanced and typical of the production area.