Series of conferences to learn about the Life Resilience project in the province of Madrid

Dear farmer:

Since the appearance in Italy of the first cases of Xylella Fastidiosa in olive groves, the European Commission maintains a concern and monitoring of this bacterium that seriously threatens the future of Mediterranean crops such as olives, grapes, citrus, etc.

In this sense, the LIFE instrument has funded LIFE17 project CCA / ES / 000030-LIFE RESILENCE, on «Prevention of Xylella Fastidiosa in Intensive Plantations of Olive and Almond Trees Applying Productive and Sustainable Techniques» in which ASAJA participates together with other actors such as the University of Córdoba, Galpagro, Agrodrone, etc. by the Spanish side, and other members of Italy and Portugal.

The objective of the project, co-financed by the European Union through the LIFE Program, is to evaluate and cross pathogen-resistant olive varieties as resistance options for new olive cultivars, to demonstrate the best practices and sustainable technologies for olive growing the biodiversity and resistance to pests / pathogens without compromising yield. Provide a replicable model of best practices for olive and almond trees, increasing their capacity to adapt to climate change and future epidemics.

In this sense, ASAJA begins this week a series of days in order to publicize the project in the province of Madrid, where as you will remember was detected a few months ago the first case of Xylella Fastidiosa in olive groves in the Peninsula Iberian The dates and municipalities where they will be made are:

  • VALDILECHA. November 28th. 16.30 h. c/ Mayor 13.
  • NAVALCARNERO. November 29th. 18.30 h. Salón de Actos Ayto.
  • VILLAREJO. December 13th. 17.00 h. Salón de Actos Ayto.
  • CHINCHON.  December 18th. 18.00 h. Cámara Agraria.