19 Life projects meet to share their experiences

On April 25th, Fundación Biodiversidad brought together 19 projects of the LIFE program on climate change in a day dedicated to sharing the experiences, achievements, challenges and obstacles that have been identified from each project. The aim of this meeting was generating synergies and possible collaborations that facilitate the development of the projects.In a first session, the advances and achievements of each project were shared up to now in relation to the mobilization of actors, legislative advances and planning, as well as the implementation of actions and products. The representatives of each project shared those strategies that have produced the best results so that all the present projects could benefit from this knowledge.

In a second round, the main difficulties encountered in the planning and implementation of the projects were analyzed, in order to share possible solutions or improvements in efficiency when achieving the objectives. Finally, collaborative actions were proposed among projects that contribute to a more efficient implementation of the projects and to the best use of the knowledge generated in each one of them.