The actions planned to be carried out through the Life Resilience project are the following:


- Evaluate and cross pathogen resistant varieties of olives as resistant options for olive producers in potentially infected areas, minimizing the risk of losses due to XF and other pathogens. These new varieties of olives can create different olive oils with new organoleptic qualities, increasing competitiveness in the sector.

- Demonstrate sustainable best practices and technologies for the Mediterranean intensive olive and almond production systems, on 250 ha in Spain, Italy and Portugal, which lower water consumption and carbon footprint, and increase biodiversity and resistance to pests / pathogens without compromised performance.

- Provide a replicable model of best practices for olive, almond and other woody crops, such as citrus and vine production systems in Europe, increasing their capacity to adapt to climate change and future epidemics that will replicate ten times (2,500 ha) during the project.

- Involve multidisciplinary actors in transnational collaboration to provide new prevention strategies and for the adoption of EU policies.

This project is co-financed by the European Union in the LIFE Program