I International Meeting on Xylella fastidiosa in Smart Agrifood Summit

Life Resilience brings together the agricultural sector and researcher to talk about the current status of Xylella fastidiosa in Europe at Smart Agrifood Summit.

On Friday June 21 takes place the I International Meeting on Xylella fastidiosa: Synergies to prevent the disease in which the environmental and economic impact of this bacterium with pathogenic potential that has already infected more than one million olive trees in Europe is addressed.

The event is inaugurated by the president of National ASAJA, Pedro Barato and with two round tables that expose the measures that exist to fight against Xylella fastidiosa and how the sector is reacting. In the first table «Xylella fastidiosa, the great challenge of the olive sector» different representatives of the sector will explain the challenges they face. This analysis of the context is moderated by the CEO of Galpagro, Francisco Gálvez and counts on the interventions of the head of R + D + i of the Interprofessional of the Spanish Olive Oil, Rafael Sánchez de Puerta; the professor of diseases and pests at the University of Córdoba; Antonio Trapero and the representative of the Agrarian Association of Young Farmers (ASAJA) in Brussels, José María Castilla.

The second table «The fight against Xf .: a commitment to research and prevention» is moderated by the professor and professor emeritus of the University of Córdoba, Luis Rallo and has the director of the Life Resilience project, Teresa Carrillo; the technical director of Ideagro, Pedro Palazón and the head researcher of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training of Andalusia (IFAPA), Lorenzo León.

To register for this day, send us an email to comunicacion@liferesilience.eu