Italy launches a program to regenerate the olive grove affected by Xylella

«Sustainable regeneration» is the name of the program that the Italian Ministry of Agriculture has just launched to regenerate agriculture and especially the olive grove in the areas affected by the Xylella fastidiosa bacteria of the Jonico Salentino Agrifood Quality District (DJAS), according to ASAJA Jaén.

It has a capital contribution of more than 31.5 million euros that will be used to support a global investment plan of almost 50 million euros aimed at involving the territories of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto. In the words of Minister Teresa Bellanova, “this is an important support for the restart of the activity of companies and olive growers. One more step on the path undertaken for the restoration of the productive potential and the regeneration of a territory dramatically affected by the spread of Xylella.

He adds that “with this program we further strengthen our interventions in the battle against Xylella, with rapid application tools and giving concrete responses: we allocate enormous resources for the regeneration of the Salento area and we create a multiplier effect in private interventions. New resources are added to those already committed to the extraordinary plan for a total of 300 million, a plan already active for a long time ”.