Who is part of Life Resilience?

In Life Resilience participate 9 members. They are a compendium of private companies, universities, agricultural products associations and specialized service companies each of one in an area.

They make a perfect tandem for this research project. We tell you which part do each one!

Agrifood: they are a company specialized in communication in the agri-food industry.

Greenfield Technologies: they carry out the part related to precision agriculture: the soil inventory at the three farms and the traceability maps.

ASAJA: the largest professional agricultural organization in Spain, with more than 200,000 members. They represent the farmers in Brussels and listen to their needs.

Charquerao: the main activity of the association is the cultivation of almonds, olives and pistachios. They manage one of the three farms in Alendroal, Portugal.

CNR-Ivalsa: from Italy they investigate in the experimental farm Santa Paolina, located in Follonica (Tuscany), the vector insect with the help of the Bari research group.

Galpagro: they are the project coordinators. They are a family business linked to the agricultural sector for more than 25 years developing cutting-edge agriculture. They own the El Valenciano farm and carry out sustainable agricultural techniques.

Nutriprado: is a company that specializes in the development of leguminous plant hybrids, with a portfolio of different species and varieties. They are responsible for plant coverings and study insects and plants that attract or retract the vector insect.

SALOV: This multinational in the world of oil located between Pisa and Lucca participates in the management of the La Traversagna farm, one of the largest Tuscan olive with its 75 hectares of olive groves.