Extraordinary Plan for the regeneration of the olive tree in Italy

The Puglia region, one of the most affected by Xylella fastidiosa in Italy, will have an Extraordinary Plan for the regeneration of the olive tree.

The Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova, has signed the creation of a Supervision Committee of said plan with the aim of ensuring its correct implementation. The decree establishing the Plan’s Oversight Committee was signed by the Italian minister last Wednesday, April 1.

«Despite the serious period we are going through, in recent months our offices have worked on the implementation of the plan for the regeneration of the olive tree in Puglia, which has been approved at the State-Regions Conference», and which is now awaiting of her registration with the Court of Accounts, Minister Bellanova has indicated.

In addition, the head of the Department for European and International Policies and Rural Development, Giuseppe Blasi; Carmelo Petraglia, from the Ministry of Southern and Territorial Cohesion; Debora Rogges, from the Ministry of Economic Development; and Gianluca Nardone, from the Apulia Region Agriculture Directorate participated in the signing.

Since Wednesday, the organization, which is called to guarantee the correct and timely implementation of the Extraordinary Plan, works so that individual actions can obtain the expected results as soon as possible.
«Meanwhile, due to the emergence of the coronavirus, the call for food distribution and the financing of distribution contracts in the area affected by Xylella for a total amount of more than 30 million euros, has been published and extended, guaranteeing more resources important for a territory already greatly affected and put to the test by this emergency, «concluded Minister Bellanova.