What is the LIFE Resilience project?

Sustainable agricultural practices to prevent Xylella fastidiosa in intensive olive and almond systems


LIFE Resilience pursues sustainable solutions aimed at reducing the propagation capacity of XF in intensive olive and almond plantations. An important pillar of the project will focus on breeding varieties resistant to XF. Likewise, agronomic factors will be identi­ed that decrease the propagation capacity of XF and other quarantine pathogens

This plan will contribute to the establishment of sustainable agricultural and forestry operations that favour disease control and adaptation to climate change. LIFE Resilience will develop strategies to reduce the water consumption and carbon footprint of production systems, increasing the mitigation and adaptation potential of agriculture to climate change.


  • Perform crosses between olive varieties, evaluate offspring and select potential new varieties resistant to XF. These new genotypes will constitute cultivation alternatives for the areas currently affected and an extremely valuable resource in the case of a hypothetical advance of the disease.
  • Demonstrate that sustainable farming practices, including natural vector control methods, will help prevent the spread of XF by making intensive plantations less vulnerable to attack by pests and diseases.