Life Resilience analyzes the evolution of the project in the early stages

So far, within the Life Resilience project the soil inventory has been developed, through a baseline study, the Xylella fastidiosa power vector presence inventory, the design of the demonstration trials and the selection of measures for improve the productivity and sustainability of the system.

Studies have been carried out to know what different types of soil there are, their homogeneity and the composition of the microbiological activity of the soil in each one of the farms, located in Carmona (Spain), Alandroal (Portugal) and Pisa (Italy). On the other hand, it has been determined what types of plants will be used for the vegetation cover, the irrigation strategy to be implemented and what type of microorganisms should be added to the soil to improve soil health and increase the resilience of the plant.

In addition, the presence of potential vectors and their distribution over time has been estimated thanks to the official information available and the methodology has been stipulated to regularly monitor the presence of potential vectors that, when added to other relevant variables, will obtain scenarios of the possible distribution of vector populations.