Agrifood Comunicación


Agrifood is a company specialized in communication in the agri-food industry, created in 2010, which has also created the Sustainable Innovation Group (GIS) for the food sector, a working group specialized in R + D + i and sustainability. Through the GIS, the Feeding the World initiative was initiated. This initiative connects the actors of the entire agri-food supply and value chain, from producers to nutrition experts, in seminars, forums and campaigns. Its members include 5 preferred partners, 17 other partners, 49 institutional partners and more than 80 employees. The GIS and Agrifood work to communicate to society the enormous effort that the agri-food sector is doing to make their activities more sustainable.

More information about GIS can be found at, Twitter: @GISalimentario and LinkedIn:

This project is co-financed by the European Union in the LIFE Program