Xylella fastidiosa loses 5,000 jobs in the Italian olive sector

According to Olimerca, the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa has caused 5,000 jobs to be lost in the Italian olive sector, in addition to the decline in olive oil production that this bacterium has caused since it arrived in the country, which in regions such as that of Salento reaches up to 80%. In addition, half of the resources allocated to the regeneration of the olive tree remain unallocated.

The positive side is that the advance of the bacteria, thanks to the interventions of farmers, has slowed down. This has been pointed out by Unaprol in EvooTrends, a conference dedicated to the sector held this weekend.

The association indicates that after 18 months since the publication of the Interministerial Decree of 06/03/2020, the Extraordinary Plan for the regeneration of the olive tree in Puglia to which 300 million euros were allocated, there are still 134 million euros to be spent. In addition, the interventions that should have allowed farmers to start working and produce again have not been implemented, they denounce from the Italian organization.

«Xylella should be treated as an earthquake due to the very serious repercussions of a productive, environmental, economic and labor nature», explains the president of Unaprol, David Granieri, and adds that «it is necessary that the procedures are fluid and usable, because the relaunch of the country’s olive area is essential for the growth of the entire Italian olive grove”.