Ideagro attends Forum Microbioma

Ideagro presented yesterday Life Resilience  in the Forum Microbioma that took place on May 29 and 30 at the El Batel auditorium in Cartagena.

This international forum is the meeting point of researchers, industry, technicians and managers of the administration, producers and consumers in which the different aspects that affect this new and enormous field of investigation of the use of microorganisms and their application to the farming.

This forum aims to solve the great uncertainty regarding the management, application and current legislation regarding this type of products. During the two days, topics related to fertilizers of microbial origin, biostimulants, insecticides and nematicides from a scientific-technical point of view from international experts were discussed.

From Life Resilience we counted on the representation of Pedro Palazón, CEO of Ideagro, who gave a presentation on the day on Fertilizers of microbial origin on «How to Evaluate the fertilizing effect of a microorganism», in which he explained the difference of soils found at the demonstration farm in Portugal.