These are the priorities of the Italian Government about Xylella fastidiosa

These are the priorities of the Italian Government regarding Xylella fastidiosa: accelerate investments to revive affected areas; ensure serious containment; protect the income of olive growers, oil mills and nurseries; ensure maximum availability in all open issues and establish a constant dialogue with Brussels.

The Italian Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova, has shared the measures that will be implemented and that will be included in the extraordinary plan for the regeneration of olive trees in Puglia provided by the Decree Law «agricultural emergencies», which provides for a fund of more than 300 million euros in the next two years.

«An emergency of this type must be addressed with seriousness and determination. The resources are there, we must spend them well and effectively, and we must be able to do so from January 1. The priorities are clear: regenerate the landscape of the olive grove, support and invest in research and safeguard the income of companies and workers, ”said the minister.

In the meeting between the ministry, the Agea and Crea agencies, the national trade associations, nurseries and oil mills, the obvious need to continue monitoring the territory to minimize the progress of Xylella has been confirmed, as well as to quickly activate all measures aimed at relaunch the agricultural economy of the affected territory to compensate companies that have suffered damage and strengthen all interventions aimed at counteracting the progress of the bacteria, simplifying procedures to authorize replanting and maintaining added value in the associated territory. In addition, the need for effective information tools has been highlighted so that communication about the presence of the bacteria is official and objective.